SeptiFile Stainless Foot File Handle With 15 Ct Assorted Black Grits

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Get one of our classic SeptiFile Stainless Footfiles PLUS a 15 count of assorted black grits.

SeptiFile Stainless Foot File Handle

Two-sided high grade stainless steel prevents cross-contamination. Stainless Steel handle can be sanitized in between uses.

  • High grade stainless steel
  • Large handle for easy grip
  • Flat filing surface
  • Double-sided for interchangeable use of abrasives

SeptiFile Foot File Asst. Grits 15ct.

The 15 assorted black grits come in three grits, 5 each of #80, #100, and #180. They fit our flat or contour stainless steel foot file handles, and have pressure sensitive adhesive for the best hold.