Backscratchers Salon Systems

About Us

In the early 80's, entrepreneur Jack Megna worked as a cosmetologist pursuing the American Dream at Salvatores Beauty School. As owner and part-time teacher, Mr. Megna witnessed first-hand the frustrations students experienced with nail application procedures which were time-consuming, harmful, and emitted strong odors. A new way was needed. Michael Megna, son of Jack Megna, understood the characteristics of a relatively new material and wondered if the strong, lightweight and durable qualities of fiberglass could be the solution. After a year of initial research, the father & son team experimented with numerous chemicals and processes to find a formula that would be safe, healthier, and more durable than industry standards.

The Gold Standard

In 1984, the formula was completed and the Backscratchers name was trademarked and launched with its flagship product Glass Glaze Fiberglass Wrap System. It was a success from launch and has sold millions of units worldwide since 1984.Throughout the years it has earned industry-wide acceptance as the Gold Standard in its category. As a matter-of-fact, Glass Glaze Fiberglass Wrap System has been awarded the Single Most Outstanding Contribution To The Nail Industry as well as Most Revolutionary Product by leading international nail and beauty magazines. And more importantly, we appreciate our customers who have voted Glass Glaze as the #1 Wrap System for 12 years running, in the annual NAILS MAGAZINE Readers Choice Awards. We believe  the number one reason Backscratchers has thrived for over 28 years and experienced numerous accolades, is simply because we care. Unlike super conglomerates in the beauty industry our family-owned business transfers our personal values to our brand. We understand how a nail professionals income is proportionate to their good reputation. That's why we take the necessary time to develop a quality product before rushing to the product-launch phase.In the laboratory we ask questions such as, "Will these chemicals be safe for customer's skin & nails? How will this formula promote healthier and natural looking nails? Will this blend promote durable nails for todays demanding lifestyle?

Creative Engineering

IInnovation is synonymous with the Backscratchers name and creative thought leadership is in our DNA. This creativity is what gave birth to our company and is also what quickly catapulted us into a leadership position in the industry. Our innovative engineering excelled when we were the first to use fiberglass materials in the production of nail systems. This innovation resulted in a new nail category for the industry. We continued to flex our creative muscle when we introduced the Extreme Powder Glaze Acrylic Dip System; the original complete dip system. At the time, the system was unique from normal industry standard because it was designed free of monomers and primers. This made the Extreme the healthiest alternative dip system on the market.

Over 200 Quality Products

Led by Chief Creative Innovator, Michael Megna, our highly acclaimed research and development team has been responsible for developing over 200 beauty products in over 10 major categories including, fiberglass & silk wrap systems, acrylic systems, gel systems, aseptic solutions, filing systems, pedicure systems, nail tips, organic nail products, and even the industry's first vacuum for salons; the SalonVac. Our spirit of creative engineering is illustrated annually with product launches.

Empowering Nail Professionals

We know thousands of nail professionals worldwide rely on our quality products. In turn, we love sharing our hard earned insider knowledge to help them thrive in their region. To achieve this objective we invest a great deal of time & money to train our staff of educators. Educators travel tirelessly to trade shows, beauty schools, and other industry events to inspire, train, and share business wisdom with nail professionals. We offer YouTube videos, PDF tutorials and classes. We also invite you to join us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterist and Google+ where professionals dicuss the industry, our products and share tutorials. Check out our blog, "Scratching the Surface", which can be found on the homepage of this website.

Stability In Leadership

The creative visionaries that started Backscratchers 28 years ago still comprise the companys leadership today. In the beginning, Michael Megna passionately made door-to-door sales presentations to beauty schools and local salons. Now the same passion is evident in his role as CEO responsible for global distribution, new product development, and domestic & international sales growth. Because of Backscratchers stability in leadership, our family owned values and genuine caring attitudes permeates through all departments just as they did 28 years ago. Our wharehouse continues to offer same day shipping on all orders received by noon (PST),  our technical support desks and cutomer service department are always a phone call away (between 8AM-5PM PST). We pride ourselves in answering and returning all phone calls as we know how important customer service is to you. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you far into the future!